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The Italian Speedboat Connection: LAMBORGHINI & PERLITA TOO [INFOGRAPHIC]

Friday, April 4th, 2014

When you have an extraordinary Italian classic speedboat, on which an obscene amount of time and money has  been spent, one of the questions I am most often asked is ” What is she like, what can I compare her to?”

Up until now my response had been, PERLITA TOO, our Barn Find Riva is a one-of-a-kind …… she is a gorgeous 1950’s Hollywood star, she is like nothing else……  my questioner has no context!

However, today we have context; the absolutely outstanding LAMBORGHINI Riva has been meticulously restored by the master Sandro Zani of Riva World in Holland. LAMBORGHINI (that’s the name of this extraordinary speedboat) stole the show in 2013 with her debut in Italy.

Now PERLITA TOO has an Italian Speedboat connection and the following [INFOGRAPHIC] will showcase some of the most interesting and important similarities and differences of these two outstanding collectable Rivas.

For the full story on LAMBOGHINI check out the restoration video and the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini Story video. For PERLITA TOO it’s all there on the blog (13 chapters) and in the book.

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